Icy Milk

All items free or $L1.

FA Creations’ newest Group Gift, the Kinu Jumpsuit. Comes with a HUD for black or white satin.

Hair is a generous Free Gift from Mello. It’s called Beyond the Stars and comes in a fatpack with many colours. I like the easy natural impression of movement in this style.

Creamy Milk skin is by WOW, and came in a box with all of their old skins available as a special offer to Group Members along with free Group Membership recently. It’s worth keeping an eye open in case they do this again!

Eyes – Summer Sky in Beach Night by Poetic Colors.

Chaise Lounge is called Jadite Mandala by the Vintage Touch, and is their 800 members celebration Group Gift. It comes with many good poses.







All items free or $L1.

Orienteering her way through the Wastelands…

Atlas-print tank and shorts set, an Around the Grid in 80 Days prize from Hope’s Creations.

Super-detailed hiking boots are a Group Gift by A&D Oddity.

Skin is a Group Gift by Lumae, Jewel Tone 5 Amber – Cocoa.

Hair is Hannah, a Group Gift from EMO-tions.

Bracelets are Scylla & Charybdis, Odyssey-themed jewellery from a previous Twisted Hunt, still findable in store at Chaos, Panic & Disorder.

Also from this generous store is the Explorer’s Compass Pendant, available as a Lucky Chair prize. It’s listed as men’s but I think it’s easily unisex. It also opens & closes! See below for a picture.

Atlas_013 (2)







Beachy Keen

All items free or $L1.

A beautiful day out at Baja Cove.

Tropical maxi beach dress by FacePalm. A prize in the Around the Grid in 80 Days Hunt.

Beach hat by Luas – Epiphany August Birthday Gift. (Event concluded.)

South Sea Shell Pearl Necklace by Carlynda Jewellers at the Marketplace.

Hair – Daisy is a new Group Gift by Entwined. It comes in many colours and is simply beautiful.

Skin is a Group Gift by Lumae – Jewel Tone 6 : Cinnamon – Cocoa.

Eyes – Summer Sky in Beach Night, a Free Gift from Poetic Colors.

beachy keen_002 (2)

Turquoise bikini with floppy beach hat is by Glitter – their current SLF&O offering.

Chandelier-style turquoise Boho earrings by IT! Indulge Temptations, a prize in the Beached Bunny Hunt 6.

Top Gun glasses by A&D – Oddity, a Group Gift.

Skin is a Group Gift by Lumae, Jewel Tone 6 Cinnamon – cocoa.

Eyes as above.

beachy keen_006 (2)





Lighting the Forest

All items free or $L1.

Gown – La Belle Iseult in Hyacinth, a Group Gift  by The White Armory. Sadly, as the gifts are weekly, it has already moved on! However, the new one is just as lovely. The White Armory are so generous to their Group Members, and membership is free too!

Setting – Lighting the Forest from The Crone’s Garden, their prize from the Around the Grid in 80 Days Hunt. Includes the large lavender plant, long grasses, fox, lamp-posts and a cute frog! (not seen).

Lighting the Forest_003 (2)

Lovely braided hair – Like Design, Laura hair, their current SLF&O offering. Also available at The Free Dove.

Necklace by Chaos Panic & Disorder. The Burning Heart Necklace is a Midnight Madness prize. The crystal pulses with light for a pretty, subtle effect.

Skin – Violet by Lara Hurley, a Group Gift.

Eyes – Summer Sky Eyes in Beach Night by Poetic Colors.




Guardian at the Gates

All items free or $L1.

I love these pauldrons! Who needs a fox fur when you can have Cerberus on your side!

Cerberus shoulder pauldrons. aii the Ugly & Beautiful lucky boards gift.

The Raven-feathery dress is a Group Gift from Azul.

Hair – Sardine by Analog Dog. The very generous fatpack was a Birthday Gift at the previous round of Epiphany.

Skin – Petals, by WOW.  I joined their group for free during a recent promotion. A special gift was all previous Group Gift skins, from whence this came.

Bee-sting lips by Lipos at the Marketplace.

Eyes -Summer Sky in Beach Nights by Poetic Colors.

Opera Gloves by Sn@tch, a gift at Genre – BurlesqueAlso the Prom Night bracelet.

Pose – Queen by Cute Posing at the Marketplace.

cerberus_006 (2)

Here’s a separate pic of the boots because I think they are some really nice ones for Classic Avatar feet.

Snake boots from FA Creations in the Marketplace. Part of a full outfit.





C’mon Baby, Don’t Fear the Reaper…

Ruby red evening gown with long split up skirt – Synna by Junes, a Group Gift.

Flurtur Noir crown and orbit by Zibska – their L’Homme Readers Group Gift.

Adore&Abhor Red in the Dark Skin @ Shop Free*Style.

Gloves by Coepio in the Marketplace.

Christine Hair, a Group Gift by Seiko92

Astra arm tattoo is a Group Gift by Nanika. It also decorates the thighs and back.

Eyes – Fantasy/white a Group Gift by hsh.

Unisex Cross Necklace with metal & gem  HUD by SECRETS, a birthday gift at the August Garden Gacha Event.

Yellow Brick Road Charm bracelet is a free gift from Entice at the Enchantment Yellow Brick Road Event. It’s a very charming and detailed piece seen up close.

Photo taken at Invictus, a stunning yet disturbing place, based on the Poem Invictus
by English poet William Ernest Henley.



All items free or $L1. Sadly there are a few items here that are no longer available, but the dress is so nice I thought I’d blog it anyway.

Dress – Fish Wife, the current Group Gift By Blue Moon Enterprise, but hurry! I love the net detail. BMe have a new location, actually within The White Armory! So two great shops in one place.

Ohmy tentacle necklace in gold. Part of a fatpack available as a prize on the Lucky Boards at aii The Ugly and Beautiful.

Edelstore hair Sarena in Majestic colour. Available on the Marketplace. This is an older prim-style hair but the floatiness suits an undersea-style look I think.

EarthStones twisted hoop earrings @ The Free Dove.

Makeup –  Alaskametro Fall 2010 in Dark, part of their generous pack of tattoo layers available for free on the Marketplace.

Dulce Secrets eyes in Dappled Thistle, a lovely green & purple colour. Their SLF&O gift.

Jinx Mermaid Seahorns, part of the Latest Fantasy Cream Hunt, now finished.

Skin – Greyskin by Lure, a previous Group Gift.

Mer Wife_007 (2)

Pictures taken at Follow Your Bliss.


Because,because, because, because, because!

The Enchantment Yellow Brick Road is on! This is a special anniversary round and is themed, naturally enough, around The Wizard of Oz. There is so much awesome there, as well as many, many, blue iced birthday cakes with adorable free gifts for all!

All worn items free or $L1.

Blue checked dress from The Doctor’s Tinkerings  the Marketplace. Apron over it is part of an outfit from LD on the Marketplace too. If you have a few extra Lindens, there are several lovely Dorothy dresses available at Enchantment itself. But if you’re on a budget, I think these two are just fine and do the job admirably!

Red glitter shoes with ankle sox is an Enchantment gift by COCO.

Lovely Long Necklace (with a pink heart) is an Enchantment gift by SECRETS.

Sky 033 Hair is by Rezology and another Enchantment gift. It is tint-able to your individual Dorothy-related taste.

This awesome gift pose prop is Toto’s Basket by the pose shop at Enchantment.

Dorothy’s giant bow is an Enchantment gift by Mello.

Skin – Eirtae Tone 5 Dolce/Summer. A Group Gift by Lumae.

Blush – Pink Acid Photo Studio Blush from the Marketplace.

Eyelure Fall Pink Lips are a gift on the Marketplace.

See you at the Emerald City!




Play Me a Tune

All worn items free or $L1.

Gown – Arabesque Gown Set in Reef.  Comes with the divine hat. This  is a White Armory Group Gift. Hurry if you like it – they change often!

Curious Kitties – Simple Black Gloves – Marketplace.

Cute bob by Tameless @ Free Dove

Chain Dragonfly necklace by Talevin’s Designs. A Lucky Chair gift.

Cigarette & Holder and Garnet Cocktail Ring by Sn@tch, from a box of free goodies in store, the Freebies TV!

Skin is a Group Gift from Lumae, Jewel Tone 4 Peach:Cocoa.

Summer Sky Eyes – Beach Night by Poetic Colors.

Pose – Steampunk by Artis. A prize with lots of other poses in the current WomenStuff Hunt.

Photo taken at Vintage Romance.




Coffee House

All items free or $L1.

This arty tunic top/mini dress is one of the many interesting Group Gifts at AtiK. I blogged their Flamingo Top here.

Camp Jeans in black part of an all-colours pack that is a Free Gift at Sn@tch.

Eartha ankle boots are also from Sn@tch at Free Dove.

The glowing Mirai Moon pendant is a Free Gift from aii the Ugly & Beautiful.

Anastasia’s topknot is called Yuno, a Free Gift from Little Bones.

Her tote is a subscribo gift from Half Deer.

Twisted Hoop earrings are a gift from EarthStones @ Free Dove.

Skin – Violet, a Group Gift from Lara Hurley.

Here is a close up of the intriguing pattern on the tunic –

Heads top_008 (3)

Photos taken in the Coffee Shop at Orchard Heights.