I Want to Break Free!

Domestic Bliss …all items free or $L1.

Traci Dress in Sunflower, plus Slink High heels are from Sweet Intoxication, their prize for the Around the Grid in 80 Days Hunt.

Gaby hair is by A&A at the Marketplace. It comes with colourable rollers!

Vacuum cleaner pose with prop is a fun gift from Yumi Chiuh at the Marketplace.

Pink Acid Photo Studio Blush is from the Marketplace.

Coral Semi-Frost lips are from ATIA‘s Swag Bag, available at the Marketplace.

Check out these half-done nails! Anastasia is seriously flustered today! Nails are No Time! by Hello Dave, a previous VIP Gift. Hello Dave have a box of previous gifts available with free Group Membership, so maybe they can be found in there.


Skin – Gervaise, a Group Gift from Lara Hurley.

Eyes – Summer Sky Eyes in Beach Night, a Free Gift from Poetic Colors.

And now for the decor…

Go Retro all the way with this Mesh ’70’s Retro Skybox by Vicious Decay at the Marketplace!

“Sweetness” Relief Bronze Art is by Tidbits at the Marketplace.

Green Retro Seat is by Space Engineer at the Marketplace.

Retro Cabinet is also by Space Engineer at the Marketplace.

Bauhaus table and Tea Infuser Set is by HANDwerk at Shop Free*Style.

“Karibe” Plate of Bananas is a gift from vitamin at the Marketplace.

Migraine-inducing rug is from the “Harmony” Furniture Set by Dom at the Marketplace.

…and if you think that’s bad, check out the wallpaper in the bedroom!







(Twisted) Blue Lady

She’s got to be a true lady, she’s vicious like a shark
I’m gonna need an exorcist to help me after dark
And when it’s over, you’ll be a creature of the night 

All items free or $L1, unless otherwise indicated.


Oracle Dress is by MishMash Fusion, a Twisted Divination Hunt Prize. It also comes with tintable hair and blindfold (not shown).

Ouija Board Fireplace is by Hearth & Home, another beautiful Twisted – Divination prize.

Check out this amazing mirror! When you touch it, it cycles through a range of visions. Very mystical! It is a Twisted – Divination Hunt Prize by Lantian Flox. Here is another vision –


Rug – Astrology Rug by Seaweed Sonnet at the Marketplace.

Hair – Katsuki by A&A. It’s available at Lawst Paradise, a New Resident’s Area.

Makeup – Tamara Dark by Cero Style @ Free Dove.

Necromancer Skull Candle Staff – A Renaissance Hunt offering from Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions. Part of an entire outfit.

Divination Claw Necklace – you can’t really see it in this shot sadly but it’s another generous Twisted – Divination Hunt Prize by Vengeful Threads.
witchy 2_011 (3).png
Flaming skull is actually the box from Vengeful Threads that my hunt item came in! Cool huh?

Shoes – NOT FREE.  These are the pretty Diviner Flats by Krakt. They are a “flat” style shoe but are actually designed for Slink High and cost $L100 as a Twisted Hunt Special Offer.

Staff Poses by ImpEle. Only $L15 on the Marketplace, and they were a real life-saver for me for this picture!

Send Me an Angel

All items free or $L1.

Miss Behavin’ Outfit by 1 Hundred. includes the stunning corset and Fallen Angel wings. It is free at a very nice and newish I believe, Freebies Emporium called Sexy Shoppers. They have some quality gifts avaialble and are well worth a visit.

Hair is Zip Duo by Amacci, a wonderful Group Gift with an extensive HUD to change the colours on each side of the ‘do. UPDATE : I just checked and their Group Gift has now changed, but this lovely hair can still be purchased in the store.

Astra Tattoos are a Gift from Nanika, and come in black or white for leg, back and arms.

Stasia eyeshadow and lipstick comes in a Fatpack of 10 colours and are a Versus Readers’ Group Gift from Zibska.

The Novelist Eyes are a previous Free Gift from Mesange. They now have a new pair called Gold Digger Eyes, well worth checking out.

Skin is Eirtae –  Solaris in Golden, a Group Gift by Lumae.

Pose is from Static Angel Poses, a $L1 Gift by LeMomo in the Marketplace.


Crucifix Rings are from Diamante, a Twisted – Divination Hunt Prize. Comes with an extensive HUD to match to your look, as well as varying levels of glow!

Nails are another awesome prize from Twisted – Divination, Elemental Fire by Koffin Nails.

sihlouette_001 (2).png

Photos taken at Vintage Romance.





You’re a Rich Girl…and You’ve Gone Too Far…

…but you know it don’t matter anyway. Slumming it at Ray’s Pizza in the early hours ’til Daddy sends the Rolls. All items free or $L1.

This amazing – and only $L1 – little pizzaria packs a lot of detail into a small space. Ray’s Pizza Parlor includes oven and pizza box with steam, pizza making bench, vinatge telephone and heaps more decor. A generous gift from LINUS Humphreys at the Marketplace.


Fur “Wenda” coat is a SLF&O gift from Karla Boutique.

Pose is cutie by Hanna Jamkarta at the Marketplace.

Lexa Dress is by Legendaire at the Marketplace. It comes with a HUD with a choice of colours, as do these classy slink high heels by Forever 21 also the Marketplace. Below is another of the many combinations possible…it was hard for me to decide which to choose!


This gorgeous 1940’s hairdo is an old favourite of mine it’s called Geraldine and comes as a fatpack from EMO-tions at Free Dove.

Eyes and lips are Sweet Combo by Glamorize, available at the Marketplace.

Jewellery is by Chop Zuey – the Le Petit Fleur set is available at Free Dove as well!

Skin is by Lumae. Eirtae – Solaris – Golden is a Group Gift.


Project K Antique Onix Ring is a gift from the Marketplace.

Nails are Tempered Ruby, a previous Group Gift from Hello Dave. Their gifts change very regularly, but there’s also a box of previous gifts out. Maybe they are in there?

Sigh…Daddy made me take the train!







Latex Geisha

All items free or $L1

Brii Karim Geisha complete outfit including dress, slink sandals, fan, hair sticks and hair lotus flowers. A $L1 special offer, but hurry, I don’t know how long it will be up.

Arora Hair by Digital Eyes at Shop Free*Style. I love this sleek, unusual style.

Gervaise Pale Skin is a Group Gift by Lara Hurley.

Weaponized Sugar Redrum Eyes are available at the Marketplace.

Lipstick is from Kisetsu Geisa Lipstick Variations, a Group Gift at Anachron.

Pink Acid Photo Studio blush is available at the Marketplace.

Sn@tch smooth black nylon stockings are from a Free Gifts Bag on the counter instore.

The Mesh Cloud Mesh Photography Backdrop is from the Marketplace.





Low-Gee Living for the Modern Cyborg

All items free or $L1.

Lunar Habitat is a rather magnificent Group Gift from Isil Designs.

Parma Chair with poses and computer prop is an Around the Grid in 80 Days prize from Fairey Angel Creations.

This wonderfully detailed Cyber Doll Avatar is from Arctic Wind in the Marketplace and is completely free!


Eyes are called Arcane Eyes By Snow and are available at the Marketplace.

Pose – Angel Static Poses by LeMomo at the Marketplace.

Gold Bikini is by LenaSophie from the Marketplace.

Skin is Gervaise-Pale, a Group Gift from Lara Hurley.


Chair is Retro Seat by Space Engineer in the Marketplace. Comes in blue and green.

Blue Lava Lamp is a You.Gatcha Gift from WW.

Multi-Media Laptop is from Ecstacy Designs, a prize in the HiHo career-themed Hunt.

Retro 1960’s Wall Table by Space Engineer in the Marketplace.

The modern art sculpture is part of the Lunar Habitat.


Me & My Llama

All items free or $L1

Gypsy outfit is a Group Gift from Brii. It comes with headband, necklace, belt, earrings and sandals for slink flat feet.

Hair – Sugar Planet, comes with HUD, a Group Gift  from Mello. Love this hair, I’ve been dying to find an outfit for it!

Fortune Teller cart from United InshCon. This is a prize in the Twisted Divination Hunt. Has a wearable, driveable version (it’s this one – with the llama!) Also another rezzable version with an owl. Inside is a Fortune Teller’s table.


Boho Rings – two Group Gifts from Zenith.

Skin – Violet,  a Lara Hurley Group Gift.

Eyes are an Inkheart Picks Gift called Tender Eyes – Wave.


Pose is  a Group Gift from Andika. It comes in a pack of Hand Poses, their September Group Gift.

Seeress in the Circle

All items free or $L1.

Seeress Hooded Dress and Hair with HUD by Anachron, a prize in the Twisted Divination Hunt. Comes with blindfold and itricately detailed bodice.

Pose – O-turun Feminine Sitting Pose at the Marketplace.


Lara Hurley Skin Group Gift – Gervaise, pale.

Key Necklace by Anachron, a Twisted Side Hunt Gift.

Lips from Glamorize Sweet Combo in the Marketplace.

Pose – Angel Static Poses by LeMomo at the Marketplace.

Twisted Druid Circle by Sweet Revolutions, a generous gift in the Twisted Divination Hunt. Comes with mist!





The Divine Oracle


All items free or $L1.

Some Twisted Delights…the theme this year is Divination…

First up, the Sn@tch Strega Hair and Jewellery set. Sn@tch also has a side hunt with added prizes including some more colours for the hair.

The subly coloured gown is Goth1c0‘s Divine, another prize in the Twisted Hunt.

Skin – Mercy in Vanilla, a Lucky Board Prize from Deluxe Body Factory. I was lucky enough to join their group when they had a free join special.

Black Nails  – By Snow fashionable Black polish for Slink Nails in the Marketplace.

Pose – Magic Spheres by Icons of Style at the Marketplace.

The building behind Anastasia is the Divine Oracle’s Shop, the Twisted Hunt Prize from Adorably Strange Wares.  It is the sweetest wee place, with a little staircase and a mezzanine floor upstairs. There are also two Gachas instore with furnishings for the shop winnable at $L50 a pop. Below are two more pictures to provide some more detail of this amazingly generous gift.





Unicorn Reliquary

Keeping that precious Unicorn Horn safe…all worn items free or $L1.

Teal and cream gown by Inara is called Inara’s Germanic Beauty and is a prize in the Renaissance Hunt. See the gorgeous detail –

royal councellor_019 (2)

Hair is “Iris”, the 6th Anniversary/50,000 Group Members Gift from D!va.

High Elf lace collar (with HUD) is a Group Gift by Zenith.

Skin is a Group Gift from Lara Hurley called Gervaise.

Jelly Lipgloss by Pink Acid at the Marketplace.

Pink Acid  Photo Studio Blush is also available at the Marketplace.

royal councellor_017 (2)

Unicorn Reliquary is a magnicent Renaissance Hunt Gift by Spyralle. It says the horn is wearable, but I haven’t been brave enough yet to test its arcane power 🙂