Don’t Mess With a Demon…

…unless you mean to win.

All worn and decor items free or $L1.

Rose Staked Undead Dress by Trashed was a Midnight Madness Prize.

A&A Woohey hair in Moonlight, a $L1 gift from the Marketplace.

Demon Evolution : Summoning Circle (with poses) was an awesome Subscribo Gift from Stone Misery.

Crawling pose is by Nanika in the Marketplace.

Melting Candle Set by Elle at the Marketplace.

demon summoner_019 (2).png

Aisling – Old Wood Things (cabinets!)  and Lamps – Free Gift instore.

Super-grungy Urban Skybox by Tampon Inside is from the Marketplace.

Indolence – Candle Bunch Full Perm from the Marketplace. Note – NO LONGER FREE. Now $L10.

Hanging Skulls – Aisling 1st Anniversary Gift Instore.

Rusty Makeshift Brazier by noctis at the Marketplace.

Rusty Birdcage was a Prize from Pewpew! in the recent Getsuga Sim Hunt (finished). Can be hung up and includes sparrows (not used in this case!)

Bloody Face Tattoo by House of Manderley at the Marketplace.

Skin – Lara Hurley Gervaise Pale, a previous Group Gift that might still be there.


Anastasia, what have you become???

Veruska Eyes in Goth – Shadows are from Inkheart, and are a Prize from their storewide Halloween Hunt.

From the Marketplace comes GD’s Chic Macabre (Claw Edition) for Slink Casual Hands. GD also provides in their online store the same nails for many other types of hands. They come with an extensive – and I mean EXTENSIVE – HUD that is fully customisable.

Also wearing –

Slink High Feet and Casual Hands.






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