At the Arcane Bookseller’s

Anastasia recently went on a wild shopping spree at the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Event but it really didn’t cost her much as everything there is such a bargain! The Cyber Monday Specials are half price and the Black Friday are all $L30 or $L35! There are also gifts from every generous vendor and loads of cheap gachas! It runs till the 29th, so hurry!

From the event-

Gabriella Gown by Bite & Claw – $L35.

Celestis Necklace comes with HUD and is the Event Gift from Bite & Claw.

Pose – Melisandre by Belle Poses, $L35. Comes with a range of books/glowing sphere poses in the pack.

Crystalize Headgear by Cubic Cherry, another Gift from the Event.

Other worn items –

Skin – Sylvia by Nephilim, a Prize in the Black Widow 2 Hunt. A $L2 Hunt. Comes with many appliers.

Hair – Marisssa by Wasabi Pills. I got this as a previous Fifty Linden Friday Special. It has a gorgeous plait and loose flowing hair at the back.

Lips – Alaskametro’s Lipstain Tester in Rose available at the Marketplace. It comes as a tattoo layer and as appliers. Free!

The decor items all belong to me so if you wish to know the details of any of them please feel free to ask in comments.

I’ll just quickly list the free ones –

Rug by Stone Misery, from their Lucky Boards. The Open Medieval Book and Fairytale Books on the floor are also from the Stone Misery Lucky Boards. I love them!




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