Determined Bargain Hunter and Marketplace Trawler!

This blog is to share some of my finds with you. So – welcome!


Main photo credits –

Oxbridge gown. M’Lady, Free Gift.

Gloves, elegant. Come to mid upper arm. With lots of colours and hand poses! Coepio, Marketplace.

Elizabeth I pendant. Sanna Science & Art, Renaissance Hunt 5 prize. No longer available.

Iris Hair. Multi-part, romantic, daisies, beautiful. (Matching dress). D!va, 6th Anniversary and over 50,000 Group members gift.

Top hat black with black & white bow. J&J, New Residents Island gift.

Deep Sky Eyes – London Fog. Mayfly, Marketplace.

High gloss lipstick, bright red. AngelleWingz, Marketplace.

Makeup – summer gloss. Blush plus lip gloss layer. 8+ [Octoplus], Marketplace.

Multi-colored lipstick basics – pink. TILLY, Marketplace.

Ale (midtone) Laura Hurley Skins, Group Gift. No longer available.

All items $L0.


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